Help your customers to choose the right product

Product Selector

A product selector tool helps your clients to select the products based on their needs. The application will match the client criteria with the products and produce an list of advised products. This tool will help you to truly understand your customers.

Our platform will be tailor-made to meet your specific industry needs.

Build a strong relation with your new lead or existing client.


On the website, the visitor selects what he is looking for.

After completion of the form the visitor receives a personalized email with the product info and representatives of the company are notified and can start to follow up.


Secure platform to manage all your data:

  • add your products and match them with the criteria you defined.
  • get all the information about the registered users and their inputs.
  • make the right decisions based on the dashboard and reports data.

Our solutions

We build tailor-made web applications adapted to the real needs of your company's operations.

Thanks to our e-xperience with similar projects, we work cost-efficiently and quickly! Contact us for more information or tell us about your project.

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