Our expertise


Since 2001 we help our clients to build a successful online business using our experience and specialized knowledge to create technology-driven solutions.

We are a full service agency, providing a full range of services starting from concept till design, development, seo, hosting, maintenance and support.



Easy to maintain

Keep your website up-to-date anywhere and anytime with the Akibeo CMS.


Higher conversion thanks to faster loading time with caching and clean code.


New features can easily be added to meet new customer needs.


Fully mobile-friendly website with clear navigation and content on all devices.


A website that is optimized for a top position in Google.


Appealing user friendly design and user experience leading directly to the goal


Serving visitors automatically in their language. More content in Google.


Perfectly customized to your target group and your specific objectives.

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The process


Goals & Concept

We analyze your idea, define the goals of the website and create a concept and structure.
Boost sales,build awareness, enhance customer experience, reduce costs, improve workflow.

  • boost sales
  • build awareness
  • enhance customer experience
  • reduce costs
  • improve workflow

Design / UI / UX

We match the website look and feel with the overall identity of your brand.
We design the user experience.

Discover our UI/UX services.



We code the visual elements from the design and connect the data from the content management system (cms). This allows a modular approach to streamline development of the website.

Discover our Development services.


Domainname and hosting

We deploy your website to the server and connect your domainname.

  • The highest quality at the best price
  • 50 GB of SSD webspace
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • 10 x 25 GB Mailbox
  • Automatic backups
  • HTTPS protection with SSL
  • Support


We optimize the website to show best layout on all devices and have the top ranking in google.

  • Clean code: W3C compliant HTML and CSS
  • We make the website responsive
  • Seo optimization
  • Caching for faster loading

Manage your content

We use our in-house developed content management system (cms) Akibeo CMS to manage all content on the website.

  • Manage: add content easily and fast
  • Webbased: just login with your browser
  • Modular: functionality can be extended

Online marketing

Our team helps you to make the right choices with a well thought-out strategy to meet your goals.

Discover our Online marketing services


Measure your results

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search console and Google Data Studio to collect data about your traffic and conversions. We use this data to optimize your website and increase the conversions.


  • 3D Printed House
  • Kenz Now
  • Neotalent
  • Solercia
  • Atelier Vens Vanbelle
  • Samagro

Website optimisation

More conversion with a faster website

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